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ED is a very common problem, but you don't have to let it change the way you view yourself. Give your partner and yourself more.

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Solutions for BPH Sufferers

Can't remember the last time you were able to urinate without difficulty? Stop suffering - let our urology professionals help you!

UroLift®:  Effective BPH Relief

Is Urinating Difficult, Painful, or Irregular? Diagnose and Treat Your BPH with the Help of Dr. Dan McBride and the ED and BPH Center of North Texas.

Dr. Dan McBride, a board-certified urologist, and the ED and BPH Center of North Texas, located in Denton, is home to the best care and services available for those with erectile dysfunction and BPH.

Dr. McBride is experienced with the UroLift procedure, which he has used to assist hundreds of men overcome their urination issues and the other harmful symptoms of BPH.

You owe it to yourself to find long-term relief.

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Getting Early Treatment Can Minimize the Consequences of BPH and Erectile Dysfunction

These consequences can be prevented. BPH is treatable, and surgery is not your only option. Find out more about how the UroLift® System can ease your mind, and provide relief with a long-term solution to halt the symptoms of BPH.

Getting your love-life back on track is as simple as a phone call to our office. Our urology specialist Dr. Dan McBride uses his 33 years of experience and professional care to treat your issues and give you the boost you've been looking for.

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